Yumega Show Dog

Yumega Show Dog
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Our special formula for best show performance

YuMEGA Show Dog is a unique blend of the finest Omega 3 and 6 oils combined with Lutein, Lecithin and natural Vitamin E to promote dog skin condition, enhance show coat and promote eye health in show dogs – you’ll see the difference in as little as 3-6 weeks.

  • Promotes a full show-quality coat
  • Improves dog skin condition and health
  • Supports eye health
  • Helps perfect your show dog’s appearance
  • Trusted by breeders and vets

5 reasons to get your dog show ready with YuMEGA Show Dog

  • Are you getting ready for show season?
  • Do you want to give your dog a healthy skin and coat for show season?
  • Is your show dog’s coat not quite at peak perfection?
  • Do you believe your show scores would improve with better coat condition?
  • Do you want your dog’s coat to grow faster and thicker before the next show?

These are all signs that our special skin and coat supplement for show dogs could help your dog look glossier and healthier at their next show. So what exactly is YuMEGA Show Dog, and how can it help?

How does YuMEGA Show Dog help get your dog in beautiful condition?

In a nutshell, YuMEGA Show Dog provides specialist nutrition to improve dog skin condition and help your show dog achieve their best-ever performance.

If you’re interested in the science, let’s take a closer look at exactly how…

Promotes rapid coat growth

YuMEGA Show Dog includes Lecithin to promote coat growth and condition. Lecithin is a great source of phospholipids – a vital component for each and every strand of hair. It’s also packed with 50% more GLA than standard YuMEGA Dog. This essential nutrient helps to provide strength and support to hair follicles, providing a healthy foundation for plentiful growth.

Improves skin condition and health

Your dog’s skin is renewing and replenishing all the time. However, if this process isn’t working well, you may spot signs of poor skin health, like flaking and dryness. Our unique blend of Omega 6 – naturally sourced from Borage (starflower) – supports and nourishes your dog’s skin, aiding the natural renewal process.

Supports eye health

YuMEGA Show Dog also contains added Omega 3 DHA and Lutein, so you can be sure you’re providing key nutrients to support healthy eyes with show-winning sparkle.

How YuMEGA Show Dog works together with YuMEGA Boost

You can use YuMEGA Show Dog in combination with  YuMEGA Boost . Take a look at the table below to see how these premium supplements work together to enhance your show dog’s natural beauty – they’ll give your dog a perfect coat and help to promote best-yet show condition in skin and nails.


YuMEGA Show Dog

YuMEGA Boost


Improves condition and beauty; encourages growth.

Supports hair growth and condition; ensures rapid coat growth and recovery.


Nourishes soft, supple skin.

Improves dog skin condition and maintains skin health.


Provides vital nutrients to support eye health.




Supports nail growth and strength.

Why are the oils in YuMEGA Show Dog so unique?

Here at Lintbells, we our Omega 3 & 6 oils very carefully. After tracking down the very finest Golden Flax and Borage (Starflower) seeds, we use a cold-press extraction method to carefully process oil. It’s like producing the best virgin olive oil – and we bottle straight away for freshness. Then we add Vitamin E from natural plant sources to mop up free radicals, and maintain the quality of the oil as you store it.

This top quality supplement also contains the finest 100% Salmon oil. From fishing boat to bottle-ready oil, it takes less than an hour to process, so you can be sure your dog’s getting the freshest, most effective skin-soothing goodness – fresh from the crystal clear fjords of Norway.

Daily Feeding Guide:


Daily Amount

How many days will a bottle last?


Small Dogs (up to 10kg)



Medium Dogs (11-20kg)

5 - 7.5ml

100 - 67

Large Dogs (21-30kg)

7.5 - 10ml

67 - 50

Very Large Dogs (Over 30kg)

10 - 15ml

50 - 33

Because YuMEGA Show Dog is made from fresh, natural Omega 3 & 6, it has a pleasant aroma and is naturally tasty. Simply measure the amount recommended, based on your dog’s weight – then mix with their main meal.


YUMEGA ShowDog – natürliches Omega 3 & 6, Lutein, Lecithin und Vitamin E verbessern und fördern die Gesundheit von Haut, Fell und Augen von Show- und Ausstellungshunden

  • Verbessert die Gesundheit und damit die Gescheidigkeit der Haut
  • Unterstützt die Gesundheit der Augen
  • Bringt das Fell in beste Ausstellungskondition

YUMEGA ShowDog ist ein weiteres Produkt aus der Lintbells Serie und wurde speziell für Rassehunde von Züchtern und Ausstellern entwickelt.

In Kombination mit YUMEGA BOOST bringen Sie das Fell Ihres Hundes in die optimale Ausstellungskondition.

Yumega ShowDog enthält

  • Höchste Qualität von essentiellem Omega 3 Oel aus Goldleinsamen, gekoppelt mit phospholipid reichem Lecithin, zur Förderung der Fellqualität und den Glanz.
  • YUMEGA ShowDog enthält eine hohe Menge (Dosis ) an GLA (Gamma- Linolensäure ist eine dreifach ungesättigte Omega-6-Fettsäure) gewonnen aus der Borretschpflanze, zur Förderung gesunden Fellwachstums.
  • Reichhaltiges essentielles Omega 6 fördert eine weiche und geschmeidige Haut.
  • Omega 3 DHA (Docosahexaensäure ist eine mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäure) und Lutein bieten lebenswichtige Nährstoffe für die Gesundheit der Augen.
  • Reichhaltiges Vitamin E, aus natürlichen pflanzlichen Quellen, stärkt die Abwehrkräfte der Haut.

YUMEGA ShowDog ist erhältlich in der praktischen 500ml PET-Flasche.


Goldleinsamenöl, Borretschöl, Vitamin E (Tocopherolextrakt natürlicher Herkunft)

Rohfett 96% / Rohprotein <0.5% / Rohfaser <0,5% / Rohasche <0,1% / Feuchtigkeit <3% Vitamin E (α Tocopherol) 1677 mg/kg / Omega-3 & -6 Fettsäuren 58%
Vitamingehalt garantiert bis zum MHD

Die folgende Menge einmal täglich mit dem beigefügten Messbecher ( Käppchen)  unters Futter. Tägliche Fütterungsempfehlung nicht überschreiten.


Wieviel Tage reicht eine Flasche?


Kleine Hunde (bis 10kg)



Medium Hunde (11-20kg)

5 - 7.5ml

100 - 67

Große Hunde (21-30kg)

7.5 - 10ml

67 - 50

Sehr Große Hunde (Über 30kg)

10 - 15ml

50 - 33

Bitte beachten Sie, wenn Sie Yumega Showdog zum ersten mal geben, während der ersten Woche nur die Hälfte der empfohlenen Menge und die Menge dann nach und nach bis zur vollen Fütterungsempfehlung zu steigern.


Kühl, trocken und lichtgeschützt lagern. Außer Reichweite von Kindern aufbewahren.