Incapet Collagen

Incapet Collagen
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Incapet Collagen is proven to be bioactive hydrolyzed three component premium collagen from verified sources, 100% pure marine collagen, neither masked with sweeteners nor with flavorings. Does not burden the stomach and tastes good to the animals. 

Effect of Incapet Collagen:

  • Helps strengthen bones, joints, cartilage, teeth, claws and soft tissues
  • Contributes to the improvement of skin and coat quality
  • Supports healing and regeneration of the skin for various skin problems and wounds after various injuries and surgical interventions
  • Significantly supports the improvement of mobility of older animals

Helps with treatment in situations such as: surgery, joint swelling, painful joints, degenerative changes or other joint diseases, dysplasia of the hip joint or other joints, hip dislocation

Incapet Collagen is hydrolyzed fish collagen in powder form. You can either feed the powder dry or dissolve it in water, it dissolves very well in water.

One sachet contains: 3 g hydrolyzed collagen

Product composition: coarse protein 101.7%, coarse fat <0.1%, moisture 7.89%, calcium 314.4 mg / 1 kg, sodium 2037 mg / 1 kg.

Instructions for use : Add the contents of the bag to the feed promptly before feeding directly.

Recommended dosage : 1 sachet (3 g) once a day or according to animal weight:

• for animals up to 20 kg: 1 sachet daily,

• for animals up to 50 kg: 2 sachets a day,

• for animals over 50 kg: 3 sachets a day.

The feed dose can be increased by 1 sachet considering the age, condition and activity of the animal. The length of ingestion of Incapet Collagen mainly depends on the age and problem for which the animal needs help. In general, at least a 2-3 month course is suitable, which should be repeated regularly.

Note: Store out of the reach of children! Store dry and dark at temperatures from +4 to +25 ° C, protect from moisture, direct sunlight and scorching heat.

Contents of the box: 90 g (30 bags)